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Recommendation: Crumbling | Mid-Air Thief

Many things had been said about this record in the online underground community of music. But what´s the fuzz about?

Album recommendation issue 1

A tiny prologue

So, this is my first album recommendation and I wanted to make sure it sets the tone for the next ones to come! There are three key aspects that you´ll notice in every post of this category:

  1. We write about records we love. (It´s a recommendation section, not for reviews)!

  2. Albums shouldn´t necessarily be new releases.

  3. Posts aren´t sponsored, so we mean what we say.

Here we go!

The first time I listened to Crumbling was because uisato texted me about an album made by a South Korean artist that had a similar cover to his debut album ReconoɔǝЯ. The thing is he didn´t hear about it before, so his artwork wasn´t influenced by Mid-Air Thief. He added nothing more, so i played it on Spotify.

I absolutely loved it.

Afterward, I did some research and found out about the hype and mystery behind its release and author. Apparently, there wasn´t a lot of promotion involved, so I suppose the record gained popularity for two main reasons: 1* because it´s incredible, and 2* because the Indie music community on Reddit love the feeling of discovering something beautiful, not mainstream and make it popular while not wanting to but still doing it.

(i feel identified).

The record then gained a "cult-like" status, a really cool one for sure, but one that may drive the focus out of what´s most important, the music.

What makes Crumbling one of the best things I heard in a while is the depth of its composition. Every second brings something new, and therefore each song never stops surprising. Even after a few listens I still couldn´t remember what was about to happen, and that, for me at least, is one of the best things an artist can achieve, unpredictability.

It has so many details, so much going on, no protagonist, unique structures, and creative arrangements. Every variation seems either carefully thought and produced or perfectly randomized through fine tuning. I hope Mr. Mid-Air Thief read this one day and tell me about it.

Cut to the chase

I think every artist can take something away from this record regardless of their taste, there´s a reason it is ranked between the best 10 albums of 2018 in RYM. And yeah, we recommended it there too.

Give it a go! I´m posting a link to the song "함께 무너지기 (Crumbling Together)" below:

Every tune is equally amazing. I picked this one only because it is the longest.

Thanks for reading!